Phantasy Art 'Shapeshifter' copyrighted by Anovius 2015 at
Phantasy Art ‘Shapeshifter’ copyrighted by Anovius 2015 at





What is ‘Shapeshifting’?



Shapeshifting is as well self-hypnosis (generated by yourself) as hypnosis and remote-hypnosis (generated by another individual); and additional shapeshifting often is practiced in connection with mingling-of-human-minds to oneness, that is to trance-connect a consciousness-identity of two human-entities to a fragmented “one” by trance-information-transmission (trance-information-transference) in a state of mind-coherence (telepathic-unity). –
Shapeshifting is a phenomenon of the human psyche and the mind based on the Law of Nature, therefore shapeshifting is not occult and is not demonic, but shapeshifting is: natural and self-given hypnotic-illusion and in many cases also consciousness-control by another person. –

It can turn out to be dangerous to play with the human-consciousness of your own self or/and the self of others for reasons of psychic projections and pathological sickening factors like anxiety, anger, aggressive attitudes or feelings, confusion of the ego and destabilisation of the psychic-ego and destabilisation of the mind-pattern … – the list of pathological threats is long. –

If you like this kind of playing with your Self and with others, then the best is to register for a course in Hypnosis (consciousness-control and cognitive-control) or the related NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Reiki, Spirit-Work, Energy-Work to mind-master your ego (and the ego and consciousness of others) and to learn the ethics connected with the course – the Human Rights, the laws in your state government and the laws of the institution issuing and handing-over the graduate-certifiacte – that you have to keep the rules.

Wikipedia on “shapeshifting”:
‘In mythology, folklore and speculative fiction, shapeshifting, or metamorphosis is the ability of an entity to physically transform into another being or form. This is usually achieved through an inherent faculty of a mythological creature, divine intervention, or the use of magic spells or talismans.’ – – 

Here Wikipedia is not even correct in presenting a historical esoteric perspective on the matter in the right perspective: 
an entity is never physically transformed! – 

More correctly formulated,
Shapeshifting is mere bright impressive illusional ‘Hypnosis on the self’ or/and ‘Hypnosis on others’. –
A shapeshifter is not transformed – but a shapeshifter ‘is put under’ or ‘puts under’ hallucinative impressions and illusions. – 
The practice of shapeshifting culture (hypnosis culture) can turn into convincing dangerous delusions and dangerous delusional actions.


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Phantasy Art 'Shapeshifter' copyrighted by Anovius 2015 at
Phantasy Art ‘Shapeshifter’ copyrighted by Anovius 2015 at